A type of Chalcedony, this Ancient Stone has been used by various cultures for millennia - fashioned into jewellery, bowls + used to adorn the body.  

Banded Druzy Agate Sphere

  • In metaphysical terms, Agate is a stone of density + slower vibrational frequencies.  It brings to mind the saying, ‘slow + steady wins the race’.  The  stabilising energy of this stone brings a foundational strength + reminds us of the importance of strong roots + permanent bonds.


    This stone has a lustrous + purposeful past.  Discovered with the artefacts of Neolithic people, Agate was used by the Early Egyptians, Greeks + Agate was the foundation of German Stonecutting which was established in the 15 Century.   To this day, South American Shamans still employ this stone to guide + direct the path both, to + from, other worlds.   It is a symbol of immense inner strength + the crux of good decision making.  It brings fortification to all endeavours + solidifies family ties. 

  • 65mm


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