A vivacious Quartz Generator ft. Tangerine + Golden Healer flourishes complete with a large centre stage Rainbow. Perfection. 

Clear Quartz w. Tangerine + Golden Healer inclusions

  • Tangerine + Golden Healer Included Quartz exhibits a curious juxtaposition, by which it simultaneously soothes, calms + in turn uplifts + vitalises those enlist its help.  Commandeered by the power of the Sun, both the Tangerine + Golden Healer are skilled at enlivening the Solar Plexus.  Their energy is vitally solar invigorated + is the Crystal Kingdom equivalent of a healthy dose of Vitamin C. 

    Capable of cellular replenishment, Master Healer Golden Quartz accesses the Midas Ray, the Highest vibration of Healing Light. This multidimensional Medicine Stone brings new + improved cellular memory coding, sending High light cascading through the body, rebirthing damaged cells + assisting ailing immune responses.

    Considered the Big Picture stone, it understands what it means to truly move into the zone.  Hands cannot produce manifest form without the forces of intention + when inspired by the passion of desire + funded by the all-seeing force that is Creation, true Magic takes place.
    Tangerine + Golden Healer Quartz is that sparkle in your eye, spring in your step kind of Crystal, that can impart immense amounts of vitality + bring a renewed zest for life.  It is the rose-tinted lens through which life suddenly looks good again.  


Wellington,  Aotearoa


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