A stunning Generator with a combination of Rose Gold + Silver Rutile, complete with Rainbows. 

Clear Quartz w. Rose Gold + Silver Rutile

  • Clear Quartz signifies infinite cosmic energy, supreme Divine wisdom + spiritual compassion. It amplifies the power of intention, godspeeds all that aligns with it + is a powerful memorystone, capable of programming. 

    Used to blend + enhance the Energies of other Crystals it is an invaluable asset to any Crystal + Mineral collection.


    Rose Gold Rutile Quartz happens when strands of aptly coloured

    Rutile occur, transfixed within the Quartz Crystal medium. A

    stellar mix of both Pink + Copper Rutile, Rose Gold brings the

    Love Pizzaz + is an imperative stone for reinvigorating long term

    relationships. Delivering excitement + new adventure to

    partnerships that lack spontaneity + this stone brings a renewed

    synergy to those who feel at odds within their closest pairings.

    It seeks to align you with your deepest romantic yearnings + has a

    knack for finding its way out of love troubles.

    A kinaesthetic stone, Pink Rutile encourages tactility + the

    important of loving, healing touch. It charges the heart centre

    with a flush of positive eons, bringing us closer to our love centre +

    expanding the Heart to receive in pure love + pure trust.

    Like all Rutile’s this combination is a Soul illuminator, bringing the

    Spirit Conscious to the forefront + heightening the energy of

    everything around it. A conduit for positive energetic expression.


    Silver Ray Rutile awakens the Feminine Divine, unlocking key

    attributes such as intuition, power, grace, surrender + patience. Its vibration is one of hunches + knowing. When working with this stone look for signs + trust in them, it is working hard to bring deeper truth to your reality.

    When meditating with Rutile Quartz, imagine your highest

    intentions moving through the threads like energy wire tripping through a circuit, as magnifying programmed intention is indeed its superpower. 

    This joyful stone grounds ‘light’ energy at the cellular level, bringing illumination on a physical + spiritual level.

    Rutile brings the kinetic surge to all it touches + like most Quartz it is programmable, responding well to direction + has an uncanny knack for knowing whether one’s purpose + or intentions are pure.

    Like all the Rutiles, Silver Quartz is self-cleansing + maintains a

    special preservation in regard to discarding negative energy.  




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