Clear Quartz w. Gold Rutile

  • White Ray Clear Quartz is a myriad crystal able to align itself with all

    Chakras + Energy Centres, including the eighth or Soulstar chakra.

    Deemed holographic storage devices, these Crystals have a long +

    lustrous signifigance with many Ancient Cultures, including that of

    Atlantis + the Lemurians.

    Clear Quartz signifies infinite Cosmic Energy, supreme Divine

    Wisdom + Spiritual Compassion.  It amplifies the power of intention,

    godspeeds all that aligns with it + is a powerful memorystone, capable

    of programming.

    Used to blend + enhance the Energies of other Crystals, it makes an

    invaluable asset to any Crystal + Mineral collection.

    As Clear Quartz is indiscriminate to the Energy it absorbs, it needs to

    be cleansed + cleared frequently to stop the accumulation of psychic



    Gold Rutile Quartz has powerful cleansing + purifying properties + signifies the alchemical transformation of base metal into Gold.  This stone illuminates the beauty in us all + facilitates the catalyst from which which the mundane becomes the spectacular.  

    When meditating with Rutile Quartz, imagine your highest

    intentions moving through the threads like energy wire tripping through a circuit, as magnifying programmed intention is indeed its superpower. 

    This joyful stone grounds ‘light’ energy at the cellular level, bringing illumination on a physical + spiritual level.

    Rutile brings the kinetic surge to all it touches + like most Quartz it is programmable, responding well to direction + has an uncanny knack for knowing whether one’s purpose + or intentions are pure.


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