Clear Quartz + Cassiterite

  • A wayfaring Shaman Stone, Cassiterite dwells on the threshold, the liminal void between worlds.  It connects the Conscious to Deep Source + ameliorates fears associated with death + dying, holding space on either side for those who tiptoe on the veil. 

    Cassiterite vibrates to both manifestation + destruction, it honours the nature of impermanence + the Eternal Divine Source. 

    It stimulates the rebirthing of Energy into matter + is governed by the Natural Laws of Symmetry.  Nature is a looking glass that simultaneously reflects both Life + Death + Cassiterite knows this, resonating on the cusp of Creation + destruction, transmuting what no longer serves us, present at the moment of birth + again at the Soul’s departure. 

    It’s powerful grounding properties are steeped in the Now + thus it acts like a cord, binding us to the Physical, illuminating the Souls Way back, to be born, again + again.

    A unique Stone in the sense that Cassiterite stimulates both the highest + the lowest Chakras, including the Earthstar + the Soul Star, allowing for rapid movement from the Physical to the Spiritual Realms as associated with Shamanic Odyssey.


Wellington,  Aotearoa


Phone: 022 0821064

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