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Featuring a large, high grade Verdelite rod, this self healed natural Citrine point features both Elestial + Cathedral Quartz aspects + rainbows where the Tourmaline meets the Quartz.

Citrine + Green Tourmaline

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    • healing from emotional trauma
    • prosperity
    • inner child work
    • fertility
    • youth









    Together, Green Tourmaline + Lepidolite  are the symbiotic yin + yang -  meticulously balancing the ability to give + to gain, sensing when it is time to forge ahead + to be be still.   Their message is this : accept transience, the inevitable + the irrevocable, + know that change exists in everything + this is not a cause for resistance but an opportunity to be still + receive. 


    Known as Verdelite, Green Tourmaline is a rare stone with an extensive healing repertoire + in particular the ability to cleanse the heart of old wounds.  Associated with prosperity Green Tourmaline resurrects the heart as a receptacle + is a stone of renewal, youth + fertility. 


    Lepidolite is ore lithium or pull-you-back-from-the-brink stone. Together they weave a deeper understanding, that there is no true suffering or disadvantage.  They are like the leaves of wisdom falling, returning to the earth to be taken up by the tree once more. 

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