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Featuring Albite + silvery Mica, this raw Citrine features perfect Elestial aspects.  

Citrine Elestial

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    • creativity
    • manifestation
    • intellect   
    • realising potential



    By definition, everything that ever was, or will be, originates from the realm of Creative Potential.  It is through the manifestation channel that thought becomes form + natural Citrine works to aid + assist this pathway by clearing, strengthening + godspeeding all that passes through it.


    Elestial Quartz is the Crystal Kingdom’s transistor radio, perpetually tuned into angel FM - around the clock transmitter fetching + signalling from the Higher Realms.  Quartz is in constant receivership of full-spectrum light + as it receives it moderates + adjusts to fit the specific needs of its Guardian.  


    Even experienced Healers cannot operate at an unbridled energetic intensity forever + Elestial Quartz’s function is to preserve energy systems + serves as an ally to all types of vibrational healing by way of subtle energetic streaming.   


    Like the crystalline equivalent of our internal homeostatic mechanisms, Elestials are in a perpetual state of flux, flowing to + from but constantly seeking equilibrium within the dynamic light spectrum.  


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