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A stunning XL polished generator.  Perfect for your sacred space.


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    • communication
    • arts
    • collective consciousness
    • sacred feminine




    Chrysocolla shapes desire into form.  It is the stone of the wise woman, crystal of the Goddess + talisman of feminine empowerment + new growth.   It is also regarded as the patron stone of music, altruistic expression + the arts. 

    Chrysocolla dispels fire-based emotions + primes the womb for safe gestation.  Chrysocolla works in the deep recesses + is revered for its ability to liberate the subconscious mind from accumulated burden.  It allows for life experience but promotes tranquility, gently guiding one to experience the advantages of serenity over turmoil.  

    It is the total sum of the feminine aspect + is a stone that accompanies the maiden through her life’s journey’s + into the accomplished phase of the crone.  

    In ancient Native American folklore, the spirit of Chrysocolla was invoked to nurture resilience + foster a wholesome balance between the body + the mind.   


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