Such a collector's piece, the exquisite Quartz showcases a vivid array of Rainbow coloured Chlorite Phantoms complete with a smattering of Silver Rutile + a Rainbow at her base. 

Chlorite Phantom Quartz w. Lodolite + Silver Rutile

  • During interruptions to the Quartz growth cycle, layers of Chlorite are deposited + as the Quartz resumes deposits become locked inside + come to resemble these coveted Chlorite Phantoms.

    Deeply attuned with the Earth, there is a serendipity to their connection + a depth to Chlorite’s knowing.  Any Earth Healing work will be aided with the presence of this stone.

    Encapsulated within is her pure Earth energy + through Meditation one can connect with the Earth’s Soul + raise Earth Consciousness. Chlorite’s energy supports both cell function + regeneration + realigns the Chakras allowing optimum Soul energy to flow through the body.

    Chlorite is a healer of secret sorrows. It strengthens the emotional field + repairs interruptions in the aura pertaining to the nature of repressed grief + trauma.  It is also a stone for the non-believers, + nudges us to be increasingly acceptant to alternative healing methods.

    It is a channel for the Plant + Animal kingdom, forging sympathetic bonds between humans + the Earth. Working with Chlorite Quartz aligns our electromagnetic field with that of the Earth’s + teaches us to care for our Mother Gaia + all that dwells upon her.


    Silver Ray Rutile awakens the Feminine Divine, unlocking key attributes such as intuition, power, grace, surrender + patience. It’s vibration is one of hunches + knowing. When working with this stone look for signs + trust in them, it is working hard to bring deeper truth to your reality.

    When meditating with Rutile Quartz, imagine your highest intentions or programmed intent moving through the threads likeenergy wire tripping through a circuit, as magnifying intention is indeed its superpower.  This joyful stone grounds Light energy at the cellular level, bringing illumination to the physical + Spiritual realm.


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