This triple sceptre has an ideal hand weight + features a selection of etchings on all six faces.  Will make an excellant wand. 

Cathedral Quartz Sceptre w. Etchings

  • Cathedral Quartz is like the High Priest or the tarot trumped Hierophant, brimming with structured wisdom + serving as the bridge between Divine Knowledge + the Earth manifest.   This Quartz represents the collective, the community + holdsfast to the notion that many hands make 'light' work.  The sculpted turrets signify cooperative growth + exponential collaboration, making this an excellent piece for methodised group work + those seeking a 'framed' outcome.  There is a real idealism to Cathedral Quartz + an energetic ringtone that encompasses true morality + the notion of 'what is right'  in regard to the pure Divine.              ψ


  • 125 x 40mm


Wellington,  Aotearoa


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