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Such a unique piece, enjoy! X

Carnelian Touchstone

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    • courage
    • vitality
    • multiplicity






    A type of orange-red Chalcedony, Carnelian is a stone of courage + conviction.  It brings a depth to one’s decision-making + is fond of informed, opposed to hastily formed opinions.   It is the energy + force behind major decisions + whilst it encourages great leaps it also advises the importance of looking first.  


    Carnelian’s energetic repertoire is exponential, everything that is put out will be received in multiplicity.  The initiative this stone brings about is crucial for those wanting to explore new avenues - be it the professional world, or personal relationships, Carnelian is a stone that protects against fear, procrastination + inert personalities. It speeds up response times in challenging situations + stimulates all types of enquiry.     

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