A gorgeous Stalactite specimen full of sparkly Amethyst flowers. 

Bronze Amethyst

  • Bronze Amethyst’s gift is one of resilience.  It is symbolic of how the diamond is gleaned.  As the lapidary holds the rough stone to the Lathe, hard work + consistent application eventually reveal true worth, purity + beauty.  

    Bronze Amethyst welcomes the grindstone of experience + recognises that the sleeping spirit can be awakened through trials of pain, unease + suffering + that these experiences needn’t scar or harm the Soul but serve as an opportunity for accelerated Enlightenment.

    An anecdotal stone, it seeks to bring balance + relief from the mounting stresses of modern life.  Bronze Amethyst mounts us, centre place, in our true worth + shows us the rewards the World can reveal if we meticulously apply ourselves.    

    The grounding influence of this stone quells anxiety, settles an uneasy stomach + keeps one's thoughts free from fearful obsession.  

    Not limited to the material world, Bronze Amethyst is also a stone of Spiritual advancement.  It is the little by little stone + one of steady progress.  


Wellington,  Aotearoa


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