Brazilian Quartz Temple Heart Generator

  • Signifying a Quantum Leap in consciousness, the Light Temple Heart once considered ‘extremely’ rare, are now emerging, defined by their unique 3, 7, 3, 7, 3, 7 faces or sides.  

    7 is the number of the Feminine Divine but when all facets are combined, the Light Temple Heart’s numerical structure is reduced to a single 3 + this is the Universal number that it most succinctly resonates with.  Three is the symbol of the Trinity.  The Triple Goddess; Mother, Father + Spirit;  Life, Death + Transformation;  Sun, Moon + Earth;  Past, Present & Future + is ultimately a number symbolising Creation.  

    3 resonates with our Highest personal + collective wisdom.  It is also the number of the luckchild. 


    Also known as a trans-channelling Crystal possesses one of the Highest Energetic frequencies of a Quartz Generator.    The Dow Crystal acknowledges that true power resides within the Heart.  Its gift is Compassion + the willingness to make choices based on solicitude, empathy + tolerance.  It sympathetically stirs the Heart toward receiving + balances this Meridian, making it receptive to Divine Universal Love.  

    The Divine Mother, Virgin Mary + Kwan Yin, the Great Eastern Goddess of Love + Compassion are all signified + encapsulated in the gentle pulse of this stone.    With her guided power at the ready,  the drawing down of Goddess Energy is to simultaneously infuse + accept one’s own personal power as an extension of the Greater Feminine.   

  • 100 x 30mm


Wellington,  Aotearoa


Phone: 022 0821064

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