Gorgeous, large example of this highly coveted stone.  Very fortunate to have in this size, as they can be typically be smaller pieces.  

Brandberg Smoky Amethyst Generator

  • Each Brandberg carries with it the attributes of Clear, Smoky Quartz + Amethyst.  


    Found only in Namibia, Africa, they carry an exceptionally high vibratory resonance +  Divinity. 

    Known as Master Healers, Brandberg Amethyst realigns the Meridians of both Us + the Earth alike.  

    They facilitate conscious transformation + are particularly adept at removing ALL unwanted attachments, whether in the physical or spiritual realm.  


    Amethyst has an illustrious ligature with Ancient Egypt, Rome + Greece, as it was once regarded to be as precious as the Gem Greats, Ruby, Diamond + Sapphire. 

    Used to adorn the head  + set into sceptres + rings it was a stone of Great Power, affiliating with the Etheric Chakras + used to awaken the Crown.   A deeply fabled stone, once revered by the Ancients to bring wealth, humility, Third Eye reckoning + capable of banishing sorrow + evil.   The Greeks even fashioned Purple Amethyst into goblets in their belief that the stone was anecdotal to the intoxicating effects of wine.  

    Today it is still a stone of purification + Spiritual shielding.  It is the psychics stone + engenders communication with the Spirit World whilst operating from a place of sanctity + salvation.  


    Amethyst protects, maintains + refines ones inner space - in both the physical + physiological realm where the soul + our earthside forms reside.  

    This powerful stone is governed by the Wind element, a stone for energy circulation, preventing stagnation + removing energetic blockages.   Fantastic for those wishing to banish substance addictions.  Used in Feng Sui to invigorate + protect the home.  All power starts with belief + through the Ages much credence has been bestowed into this Great Stone.



    From the ground up Smoky Quartz links us to the highest realms of being + amplifies the truth of everything around it.  Powerfully grounding + full of pluck this crystal acts like the grandfather of the mineral kingdom, bringing with it the qualities of mental fortitude, endurance and true grit.

    Smoky Quartz carefully activates both the Root + the Heart Chakra, combining their energies so that the Heart becomes anchored + raw primal instincts are tempered.  

    An essential stone for alleviating chronic depression, Smoky Quartz brings negative patterns skyward, dissolving them as they appear + discarding psychic debris for the win. 


    Liberated from the scars of past hurts, the Auric cleansing nature of Smoky Quartz delivers a newly clarified + exalted lightbody.  There is a renewed understanding of how the storybook Heaven on Earth can be attained, born from a vision of Pure Joy + what it means to carry Peace within.   

    Freed from attachments, healed + renewed, one can begin to experience life from the vantage point of non attachment, not to be confused with detachment - where one is no longer swallowed whole by vices but rather enlightened + made weightless by the absence of consumption.  



  • 90 x 55mm


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