Also known as Indicolite this is a high vibe specimen with ample sea blue Tourmaline captured in milky white Quartz.   

Blue Tourmaline + White Quartz

  • A true mystic stone, Blue Tourmaline  boldly steps beyond the veil with both feet, but with confidence comes serenity + this is a quality it brings to those who seek out its companionship.  This is linked to Blue Tourmaline’s innate understanding of the Spiritual Realm + it’s inherent alignment with the Third Eye.  Also known as Indicolite, it is a confident Stone that brings clarity, depth + an element of precision for those seeking to develop as a healer.  It promotes detachment from outcome, allowing the mind to expand beyond petty doubts + egotistical attachment. 

    Closely linked to shamanic practices + the realm of the soothsayer, Blue Tourmaline makes an astute ally for those seeking to delve fully into their Spiritual calling.  Closely aligned with the Throat Chakra, Blue Tourmaline refines communication through graceful alignment with ones truth + bestows verbal eloquence upon those who wish to develop these traits. 

    Make no mistake, if Blue Tourmaline is calling to you there is work to be done, a mantle to be assumed + a proverbial cloak that must be donned.  Blue Tourmaline asks you to surrender your doubts + remain calm, it seeks to implement a seamless integration + a synchronistic ferrying into the Divine + Spiritual Domain, as it gently assures you that everything is unfolding as it was always meant to, + it asks you to graciously step into your destiny.


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