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Raw Blue Lace Agate, featuring sparkly druzy.   

Blue Lace Agate

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    • expression
    • renewal
    • wisdom  




    For those of us who have ever struggled to find the ‘right’ sentiments, long for eloquent articulation or seek to put ‘right’ where words have failed us in the past - Blue Lace Agate is the stone for you. 

    It brings the steeped wisdom of our silver-tongued guides + provides a deeply restorative energy, inherently sensing not only what needs to be expressed but what is best left unsaid or even better, forgotten. 

    Blue Lace Agate is a stone of healed rifts.  It implicitly smooths stormy waters + alleviates tension between loved ones. 

    It is a wonderful stone for soothing frantic, frenetic energy + frayed tempers + therefore is excellent for children + stressed parents alike.    It gently balances the throat chakra in colicky babies who are still coming to terms with their new found expression. 




    In metaphysical terms, Agate is a stone of density + slowervibrational frequencies.  It brings to mind the saying, ‘slow + steady wins the race’.  The stabilising energy of this stone brings a foundational strength + reminds us of the importance of strong roots + permanent bonds.


    Agate Stone has a lustrous + purposeful past.  Discovered with theartefacts of Neolithic people,  this Stone was used by the early Egyptians, Greeks +  was the foundation of 15th century German Stonecutting. 


    To this day, South American Shamans still employ this stone to guide + direct the path both, to + from, other worlds.  It is a symbol of immense inner strength + the crux of good decision making. Agate brings fortification to all endeavours + solidifies family ties.

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