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Dark blue Calcite with a great lustre.  

Blue Calcite

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    • truth
    • intuition
    • soothing
    • inspired creativity





    A stone of truth, clarity + optimism, this deep soother alleviates pain in the physical + emotional body.

    Blue Calcite has a cocoon-like effect on one's auric field, insulating from excessive physical stimuli + is a powerful screen stone for safeguarding against psychic attack + the residual accumulation of negative thought patterns, especially that of others.


    Blue Calcite is a stone of inspired inspiration + is superb for heightening inner vision.  It awakens the third eye, activating intuition, inner sight + strengthens the memory bond.


    Blue Calcite stimulates the throat chakra, especially when used as a channel for the creative Arts.  Singers + musicians can benefit greatly from carrying + meditating with this stone as it strengthens the voice + gently removes creative blocks.

    Mexican Blue Calcite is a powerful remedial stone + a heavy duty cleanser + energy amplifier.  The purifying energy of Calcite removes 'stored' negative energy from the body + the environment.

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