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Deep, gemmy blue Apatite.  A little powerhouse.   

Blue Apatite

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  • higher self   •   intuition  •   psychic activation   •   dream work   •   4th dimension 




    A stone of lucid dreaming + astral travel, Blue Apatite enhances psychic perception + fosters telepathic communication.  

    Blue Apatite delves into dreamscapes to find inspiration for ‘real-time’ problems.  It is very useful at conjuring dream symbols, so have a dream dictionary + Blue Apatite at the ready for de-coding your dreamtime dialogs.

    Blue Apatite works by clearing + energising the third eye + has a particularly ‘uplifting’ effect on those who enlist the help of this stone.  


    Blue Apatite lifts the veil, it longs to peer into the void + is at home in the tranquil waters of the 4th dimension. 





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