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Pristine optical Clear Quartz with subtle black Chlorite Phantoms + a brilliant, central rainbow. Enjoy. 

Black Chlorite Phantom Quartz

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    • soul retrieval 
    • earth wisdom
    • connectivity




    Soul remembrance is a process of rediscovery that liberates us from our painbody + constellates the missing aspects of our spiritual identity.    Through gentle, connective means, Chlorite initiates the process of spirit retrieval + delivers a deep-cleansing Soul spa.


    Chlorite is a healer of secret sorrows.  It strengthens the emotional field + repairs interruptions in the aura caused by repressed grief + trauma.  During times of unspeakable loss + the mournful phase that ensues, the Soul becomes overwhelmed + increasingly disconnected.  This is partially due to the ego inspired ‘survival self’ - that low vibrational aspect of Self that becomes defined by suffering + consequently ‘stuck’ in pain. 


    Enlisting the help of Chlorite connects us to the Natural World + places us in direct contact with the Earth’s vast + sustained life force.  It is here we re-establish our latent bonds of inner wisdom, ushered toward our spirit guides we redefine our life's work + reclaim our joy.


    Phantom Quartz is the great inward explorer of the mineral kingdom, accessing what resides within + moderating concealed aspects of the trueself.   It is with the use of this stone, the shadowself is balanced + equilibrium restored.  It is a remedy for dissolving creative blockages primarily stored within the womb + its corresponding energy centre, the solar plexus.  These types of congestion typically originates from imbalances within the psyche + frequent meditation with this crystal will draw energetic abundance + grand movement into this area,  gently sweeping it free of stagnation + spurring the recipient towards increased abundance + creativity.

    The shadowself contains all that has been denied, repressed, unaccepted + pushed aside.   It is the dark cache of the psyche + composed of dulled instincts, impulses, desires + fears.  It exists as a record of not only this lifetime, but is a karmic blueprint of our sSoul’s past.   It is aspects of the ‘true self’ that both individual members + collective society have shunned, deemed unviable + that what appears to not work in accordance with the norm.

    The shadowself is sometimes likened to the black wolf enigma, or worse the caged wild animal, confined, deprived + unable to live out its potential.  The shadowself, like all outcasts, dwells is on the periphery.  It is the margin between sanity + insanity. It is the things we don’t say + do, our fear of rejection, that little voice that whispers we are unworthy of even our very birthright, love.  To break free of these internal confines, first we must conjure them from the dark of our unconscious mind + examine them in the NOW.  Black Phantom Quartz recalls + releases the shadowself.    Its purpose is to defuse the pain body with love.

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