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Complete with stalactite 'flower' effects, this high grade Black Amethyst will wrap you in a blanket of shimmering stars.  

Black Amethyst

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    • seedtime
    • hope
    • miraculous
    • insight









    In times of uncertainty we often look to the sky in wonder + like a cloak of stars Black Amethyst is hope within the void.  

    In times of anxious uncertainty, Black Amethyst is a stone of solace.  It is symbolic of the vast night sky + its infinite dazzle + unsung potential.   

    This stone draws its power from the dark, spaces that make way for new growth + is the symbolic seedtime just before the first new shoot emerges.   

    It is the gift of spiritual insight through unexpected means.  If there was ever a time to throw our cautions to the wind it is through the wise council of Black Amethyst.  

    Goethite is responsible for the black coloration of this Amethyst + with its presence comes determination + the energy that spurs on the discovery of new talents + skills.  It is a practitioners stone, facilitating lengthy dedication to a cause, specifically those associated with the magic arts.  

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