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High lustre polished Aventurine + White Quartz.


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  • vitality   •   optimism  •  renewal   •   heal



    Aventurine is a Stone of vitality + flow.  It is akin to the first spring shoots bursting forth + with it comes the promise of growth, renewal + stimulation.  

    This Stone carries a strong heart resonance + imparts a flush of good luck to those who choose to align with its prosperous inclinations.    Be sure to include this Stone in your abundance promoting intention setting + new moon rituals.    


    Aventurine is an important Stone for those suffering from heartbreak + depression + will help to balance the Heart frequency by stabilising erratic energetic fluctuations.    


    It reminds us that life is a season + that we must move freely with its  many cycles in order to grow + remain vital.  

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