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This Arabian Green Calcite features layer upon layer of sandy Aragonite + includes delighful hints of blue .  

Arabian Sea Green Calcite + Aragonite

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    • vitality  
    • healing  
    • cleansing






    Green Calcite gently harmonises the heart, releasing resentment + stimulating compassion.   It is an actions speak louder than words Stone, fostering altruism  + engendering forgiveness.  

    Green Calcite stills the mind + refocuses one’s centre of attention on matters of the heart.  

    It is useful for alleviating seasonal affective disorders +neutralising emotional toxins accumulated through unhealthy attachments.  If not released, the Heart can be a storehouse for negative emotions causing dis-ease + ailment.  Green Calcite helps one to resonate with Love Energy, dispelling blockages + imparting a sense of vitality + a fresh outlook.







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