A remarklable piece with a large Crystalline Manifestation at the base. 

Amphibole + Chlorite Manifestation Quartz

  • Chlorite is a healer of secret sorrows.  It strengthens the emotional field, gently repairing interruptions in the Aura caused by repressed grief + trauma.   

    Through gentle + connective means, Chlorite initiates the process of Soul retrieval + delivers a deep-cleansing Soul spa.  

    Soul remembrance is a process of rediscovery that liberates us from our painbody + constellates the missing aspects of our Spiritual identity.  

    Enlisting the help of Chlorite connects us to the Natural World + places us in direct contact with the Earth’s vast + sustained Life Force.  It is here we reestablish our latent bonds of inner wisdom, ushered toward our Spirit Guides we redefine our Life’s Work + reclaim our Joy.


    The Manifestation aspect of this Quartz signifies Divine Cosmic

    Creation + the infinite well of Inspiration that dwells within.

    It is an important inclusion for those suffering from prolonged

    Energetic + Creative blockages, helping to dispel stagnation in the areas

    of one’s existence where it is deeply desired that thought + intention manifest into physical form. From artistic pursuits to child conception, the presence of a Crystalline Manifestation aligns us with the very essence of our Human experience + is an extremely useful tool for actualising very specified intentions.

  • 130 x 75mm



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