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Gem grade raw Amazonite.  


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    • truth
    • purification
    • communication





    Amazonite is concentrated in the realm of inner peace, where one must first establish sanctity in order to manifest it in the external world.  It is true, you cannot see your reflection in boiling water + therefore true power resides in swollen depth beneath a calm exterior.   Therefore one of this Stone’s greatest strengths is purification.  It asks that we carefully examine our intentions + align our words in honour of this.  

    To utter a prayer, an incantation or a spell is to invoke the power of the spoken word + Amazonite honours this making it an indispensably ally for this type of magic.   Our greatest potential is hinged on our ability to do this    Amazonite affirms the power of living in the Now + attributes this to its many successes in performing spontaneous magic.   This Stone implicitly understands the power of the spoken word, the way vocal chords chime in order to create very specific vibrations + when combined with the intention anything is possible.

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