Agate + Amethyst Geode

  • The combination of both Amethyst + Agate is a potent duo for curbing excessive behaviours + banishing the cravings that fuel our desire.  

    There is a delightful balance between the upper etheric Energies of governing Amethyst + Agate, which brings a distinctly grounded + stable approach.  

    Any spiritual advancements achieved through the use of Amethyst are likely to become permanent results when forged in the presence of Agate.  

    Both Amethyst + Agate is considered protection stones + when coupled, this aspect becomes magnified.  Place this Crystal formation in an area of your home that needs fortifying - it will act as an invisible force field against energies you wish to keep out.  The beautiful flip-side to this is that it will also work to keep the good energies ‘in’, so be mindful that it will happily ‘feed’ off + amplify your good vibes. 

  • 75mm




Wellington,  Aotearoa


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