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YOUR crystal abode - a guide to Crystals in the home

They say the home is where the heart is.

Your sacred space, your sanctuary, the place where you heal + rejuvenate, make + receive love. It is the place you raise children, nourish + care for your family, walk naked, share your secrets + nurture new life. It is where your animal + plant friends dwell. It is the place you emerge from to experience the world + return to at the end of the day. Your home is a devout + ongoing expression of your creativity.

Bringing Crystals into the home is an excellent way to augment positive energy + safeguard against stress + negativity. They make every space, a sacred space + remind us of the inherent power of beauty + its ability to enlighten + transform.

As you introduce Crystals into your home + bring them into your heart, a miraculous + symbiotic union begins. Crystals are activated by intention + assist with focus. If you seek enhanced love, health, protection, intuition, creativity, support, inner peace or prosperity - there is a Crystal to match your intention.

Trust your intuition when selecting Crystals to introduce into your home. When awakening your intuition, it is normal to second guess your instincts. It's ok to feel hesitant or confused. Cultivating intuition is a process + Crystals will help you to nurture your guiding light.

Here is a guide to placing Crystals in + around your home.

Entrances + boundary lines

I’m very particular about who comes into my home. Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline + Mica can be placed on window sills + near entrances to shield against negative energy + discard + transmutes unwanted energy into pure light.

Raw Black Tourmaline placed around your boundary lines can protect against theft + unwanted visitors. It safeguards against psychic attacks + helps transmute the accumulation of negative energy.

Keep Hematite near doorways. Its qualities are similar to Tourmaline + it will ground, shield + protect against noxious energy.


Hallways are notorious for energetic congestion + I use a lot of Amethyst (Indigo, Pink + Black) to help safeguard against stagnant energy. It provides a strong spiritual shield + protects the entrances into bedrooms against malign + unwanted energy.


Amethyst for protection.

Amphibole Quartz for connecting with our loving spirit guides.

Calcite for deep healing while we sleep.

Celestite for angelic guidance.

Heulandite for potent dream recall.

Lepidolite for deep, zen relaxation.

Lodolite for enhanced dreamscapes.

Rose Quartz for love + security.

Rhodochrosite fosters self-love.

Stilbite for sweet dreams.

Pink Calcite soothes + fosters a love connection.

White Howlite for stress relief.

Quartz Yoni + Geodes assist + honour fertility.


Calcite for deep cellular healing

Citrine energises + activates the solar plexus. Our creative centre is also our stomach + cooking for Citrine can impart inspired meals + enhanced digestion.

Golden Healer Quartz invigorates + assists immunity.

Shungite balances + stabilises energy; can be used for elixirs.

Zeolite neutralises + purifies.

Living Room / Lounge

Agate for strengthening family bonds.

Blue Calcite supports healthy communication.

Moss Agate place in + around plants for health + enhanced growth.

Selenite cleanses + maintains a high vibration.

Red Quartz heals + energises.

Quartz - Clear augments + holds intention; Smoky grounds + stabilises moods; Tourmalinated supports addictive personalities

Zeolite purifies spaces where people are ailing.

Home Office / Study

Clear Quartz assists with focus, is goal-orientated + resists distraction.

Chrysocolla for fresh perspectives + a new ideas

Citrine inspires creativity + assists with manifestation.

Fluorite assists with mental dexterity.

Pyrite energises + attracts abundance.

Tourmaline Quartz supports addictive personalities.

Your Altar

An altar is a designated sacred space, designed to hold specific + themed intentions. If you enjoy working alongside the moon you can set up an altar at the start of every new moon. Depending on what it is you want to honour or achieve there are particular crystals that will enhance + godspeed outcome.

Crystal Shapes such as hearts + carved animals can help foster specific energy. Before implementing your favourite carved animal do some research on what attributes they hold. Clear Quartz Points +Towers augment the energy of other crystals. The polished tip focuses + holds intention.

Clear Quartz Spheres disperses energy + intentions in equal + all-encompassing amounts.

Manifestation Quartz honours all creative endeavours + intentions that seek very specific outcomes.

Smoky Quartz grounds intention in the material world.

Rutile Quartz energises + electrifies intentions.

Vogel Quartz is a crystalline tool designed to draw down + direct energy.


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