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Updated: Sep 24, 2018

July, 13th, 2018

Every year we welcome in a New Moon in Cancer. We anticipate it as a lunation phase we can rely on to reset + soothe our savage selves. It’s a time for healing, drawing back the veil + preparing to refill our blessed cups. Water sign Cancers knows all about nourishing, restocking life's veritable pantry shelf + slow dancing in the rain.

This July, our New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs at 20º Cancer (which means it’s pretty crabby) + is known as a Hades Moon, Lord of the Underworld due to its opposition with Pluto. Solar Eclipses are potent illuminators + this one will bring an unexpected truth(s). Think of the truth as a missing link, or a puzzle piece that brings the presumed whole all that much closer to fulfilment. This Solar Eclipse will be resonating til Early November so bear in mind what is started now may not come home til the 11th hour. Some say dark times are ahead, I say, throw a party for one + catch up on some overdue me time! I mean, you can’t change the world until you change yourself! And whilst we’re on the topic of me time let’s not forget the important of the New Moon for Intention, words work like Spells when used at this time, so wrap all that wondering in lashings of Rose Quartz + you should be good to go!

Somewhere in between last Months Full Moon in Capricorn + tonight you will’ve been thinking : how about those Swings + Roundabouts? You got on, you got off, but Honey, put your hat back on because Celeste just keyed up the Carousel.

Despite your internal netter-natter insisting otherwise, you can relax now. More often than not the very opposite of what that little voice tells us, is indeed what we need the most. RELAX. Grab that proverbial Horse by his mane + sit back. Exhaling is good too, just remember to bring it back it in, nice + slow. Now might be a good time to observe any madness around you. Do you feel tempted to 'play' or is your inner voice whispering : Leave it to the children. I say go play with the kids, otherwise you might be tempted to get all adultee on it + start kicking up some stink + picking everything apart. Fearsome childhood memories might raise their head + differences with loved ones could be the dish of the day. Don't buy into any of it. Remember who you are, strong + secure in Your loving Universe.

And I’m serious when I say : Hug a crystal + remember they can't argue back.

You affirmation for tonight : Confusion is but a state of mind, the Universe is in perfect order.


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