New Moon - V I R G O

9 September, 2018

Some months life is a tight rope between problem + resolution. When life starts to resemble a Vogue periodical, it might be time to take a step off the high-wire. Where we previously had a string of retrograde Planets, we now only have 2. Loads will be lightening + the air is feeling much fresher. Still, you may say, something is lurking + perhaps you’re not so keen to take away the safety net, just yet!

Meticulous Virgo seeks perfection + urges you to take a second look. Don’t be afraid, be bold. Problems give us an opportunity to be creative, we get to flex our solvent muscles + besides, isn’t a problem really just a solution waiting to be discovered. In place of issue after issue, we hone our strategic skillset + with messenger Mercury in the driving seat we revel in the might of our own minds. Humans are systematic strategists, our entire evolution has depended on our ability to search + enquire, expose, interpret + utilise for our betterment.

Sun conjunct Moon is symbolic of fresh starts, bursts of brilliance + opportunities to do so. The proverbial leaf get another turn + we have a chance to question what the month has made norm. Invention + progress are signified by this Moon phase, as much like traditional spell casting or seedtime, the invisible Moon works its Magic in the dark.

This New Moon is opposite Neptune + like all Planets, Neptune has a shadow side. Watery + illusive, it is the sheer sensation of fathomless depth that causes apprehension in some. Take time this New Moon to take note of worries, write them down if need be + them set them alight. Literally. Placing your fears + lows down on paper is a practical, visual + kinesthetic way of ‘feeling’ out your problems + when we take a flame to paper + watch it become ash, we invoke the ancient act of transmutation - for energy is never destroyed, only refined, transformed + returned to the source.

This New Moon, don’t be afraid to dig! Throw light on the dark corners + illuminate


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