New Moon T A U R U S ☽

May 2018

T O D A Y the N E W M O O N takes a stroll with T a u r u s. The sign of the Bull presides over the senses + you may find yourself with all the feels + some to spare. Be hesistant as to how you express yourself at this time, making sure your words + actions are the uplifting, non-pointed + nourishing kind. Exert your intuition wisely.

When in Taurus the Moon is exhalted, this sublime union exemplyfying the Universe's primary source... L O V E. This New Moon is a time to dust off your Rose Quartz - stone of U N C O N D I T I O N A L L O V E. It is a time to recall joy, as Rose Quartz reminds us that the love we can recieve is as abundant as the air that surrounds us.

Taurus signifies the me, me, me in us all + often to the detriment, appearing self-serving, inconsiderate + incapapble of reflection. With all that self-gratifying energy on the swirl we can too often lose sight of the true meaning of self fufilment, for self-love is also about humility which is an expression from the heart + not the ego.

In Taurus, we become Master Builders, capable of manifesting A N Y T H I N G. So, what dazzle magic will you conjur? What fascinating curio will pour from your proverbial hat?

Taurus asks us to spend time with the earth, put the wind in our hair + find the beauty in both our outer + our inner garden. Taurus's connection to the hearth + earthly possession's signifies the perfect time for alter building, bring a touch of spring zhush to your intimate spaces + a craft a special corner in your world. Taurus's tenacity + love of beauty is unprecedented + when applied to the realm of self-betterment, healing + growth the results are nothing short of ground breaking.

The New Moon is a perfect time for honouring our dark aspects. To recognise both our shadow + our light + observe them consciously + N O W. If it's precious relief that you seek blow kisses, throw kindess + may your every action vibrate like a 432ghz miracle tone.


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