New Moon G E M I N I ☾

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

June 2018

If there was ever a Moon to pin our hopes on, June's New Moon in natal Gemini might just be the one! It asks of us such questions as, does luck have a colour + if it were a substance what would it be? Does fortune belong to Time Father or Earth Mother - or is it the children born from their union?

Gemini, never short of a bright idea, or three, makes this month a fabulous time to find a quiet moment (good luck with that!) + don the ‘ol thinking cap. Be sure to write everything down as the deluge may come a plenty.

Gemini is the sign of the genius stroke, slight of hand, + fairydust. With that kind of inspiration on your side it would be a shame not to make space to follow through. Sagittarius Full Moon more than hinted at a chance for a second bite of the cherry + as luck would have it, Gemini’s New Moon is coming up trumps. Think Big Ideas + Bright Smiles + if you ever envisaged a wee star suspended from the tip of a sickle moon surely it would look like the lucky star we see tonight, for this New Super Moon is a portent of Beautiful things to come.


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