New Moon A R I E S ☽

April 2018

This coming Moonday heralds the 'righting' of Mercury, Messenger of the Gods + a New Moon in madcap Aries. Bam. This is not a Moon for the meek or mousey. They say fortune favors the brave + I’m feeling intrepid! So, who’s superkeen to seize the ram by the horns + come what may!?

The New Moon is a fantastic time for cleansing + infusing your crystals with intention - crystals love a good task + will work tirelessly with you to achieve your hearts desire. Moonphase dreamweaving is a deeply potent and magnetic way to manifest intentions + live with integrity, so start thinking now! What do you want to achieve? Come Monday that fierce New Moon in Aries, the cardinal go-getter will assist you not only iniating, but making things happen. For real. #humanfireball


Wellington,  Aotearoa


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