Full Moon - A R I E S

September 24 2018

Tonight as we fall under the spell of an Aries Full Moon, some of us might be struggling to take a positive spin. Of course, with even the darkest implications, when not a sliver of light can be seen, there is always the memory of light + for me, this is hope!

How ironic that in this time of utter illumination + Moon brightness, some of us find ourselves light lacking + fearful of the unknown. The climax of the Lunar cycle can be as dramatic as a large wave crashing against the shore. The rush can be deafening, the suck alarming + that moment of uncertainty overwhelming. It is in this moment, fear becomes a runaway train, increasingly difficult to stop as it careers toward an unknown destination. Part of overcoming this sensation is about embracing change, affirming that life is dynamic - WE are dynamic!

Spring is a delightful time to make space for life’s ebb + flow. Find positive representations of necessary change + move towards them. Affirm that if Nature is cyclical in life, death + rejuvenation - you too, were designed for such feats.

I wanted to use this Full Moon as an opportunity to talk about Love + Fear + Power struggles. In my twenties I suffered from Seasonal Affective disorder + acute panic attacks. I had overreactive fight + flight mechanisms that took me years to overcome.

It wasn’t until I understood the Love + fear continuum, that I began to heal.

Fear has no place in a heart that loves. I am of the persuasion that there are only two primal or core emotions that make up the human experience. These are fear + Love + interestingly so, cannot be experienced simultaneously.

So what is fear? It has many convolutions, can be complex + difficult to define, but for me, it is a sense of lack or scarcity + can be recognised in its most basic form, as a lack of love.

In the same way that Light lifts darkness, love dissolves fear. And, for as long as you hold it there, it opens the heart to a healing miracle.

Remember those early moments of New Love, when the world is alive + the lens, rose tilted. You feel stronger, more vital, impenetrable + optimistic. These are the many guises of Love’s true strength.

It is possible to reclaim Love at any given moment. Say the word aloud or to yourself, slowly, with deliberation + in between, smile. Feel warmth enter your body + a sense of inner peace envelop you. The same goes for any word that is synonymous with positivity. For those who are suffering from jaded hearts, love might not be the best association word. Try Joy, Harmony, Peace or Tranquility instead.

Like everything, words have vibrations too. Sometimes when I’m stressed, I stop + if I’m unable to physically connect with a piece of Rose Quartz I envisage one. Pink has a very soothing effect on frayed nerves + savage emotions. You just have to be open to it. Every second you can hold that image or colour in your minds eye, you are nourishing your heart with a love Miracle.

This Full Moon is red-hot + peppered by Mars ruled Aries, who knows all about power, strength, ego, energy + control. It is the motivating intent behind many Arian actions.

This Full Moon, Power is influence, so use it wisely. Like all concepts, power has a Light + a dark side.

As we shift into the season of Libra, the universal scale + exacting judicator, be sure that your intentions have struck a balance between the two. To swing too far in one direction is to invite extremes.

The ego is in a constant flux between presumed power + perceived loss of control + yet Love doesn’t seek to manipulate or establish power struggles. With our Spirited movement towards regaining + redefining personal power, the lines or distinctions have become blurred.

So, what does personal power actually mean?

I like to think of it as a concept that involves aligning with ones Highest Truth + Integrity.

It’s not about saying fuck off to the first person who annoys you, or affirming an I’m better, you’re not, I’m right, you’re wrong stance. True power comes from a place of Love + is the cornerstone of positive leadership + the opposite of hypocrisy.

Real power says one thing + does exactly that + is motivated by compassion + goodwill to others. It isn’t indulgent to pain, self destruction + aroused by suffering. It doesn’t have a perverted interest in another’s discomfort + it owns it’s own by facing fear head-on. I’ve always maintained power is knowledge + self-knowing is an important start of personal power + self mastery. This Full Moon, choose Love, not Fear. Be mindful about personal Power + do not confuse it with control over others.

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