Full Moon S C O R P I O ❍

April 2018

It's been a ready-set-go kinda few weeks [months] + now as April's concludes with a Full Moon in Scorpio it's time to shed some layers + discard all the dead weight that's been dragging you down. But, before you do, cue a touch of introspection... do a little digging. Scorpio loves to suss out secrets but before you go biffing skeletons out of anyone else's closet first ask yourself : what I have been hiding + most of all - how do I really feel? Scorpio is never one for facades, or to shy away from the icky, nitty gritty + because of this can prove confronting - but I urge, before you go confronting anyone else, as tempting as it may be, look for your own loose threads + sew 'em up tight.

Where Aries New Moon handed you the reigns, the Scorpio Full Moon urges you to hold on tight, or if the timing is right L E T G O ! Scorpio is a sign of exoneration + thus it suggests the time might be right to release expectation + allow the intentions of the Aries New Moon to manifest. In order for the Law Of Attraction to make godspeed, attachment to outcome must be absolved. The silver magic in Scorpio's lining means that rebirth will be the resonating theme in all that you decide. So, go on - close that old door + proceed to the next one. Death is but an illusion. X

The watersign energy of this Moon approaches with all the volume and voracity of a King Tide. Just be wary of the pull +

make sure its direction mirrors your highest intentions or you might find yourself out of your depth. Scorpio is a astrological powerhouse with almost unlimited potential for growth... this is the GOOD NEWS!

So, grow baby, G R O W!


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