Full Moon S A G I T T A R I U S ❍

May 2018

Sagittarius the Archer shoots for the Moon this month + though he may have missed (although it's likely too, he very much didn't!) at the very least he landed amongst the stars.

It's been a competitive month + not surprisingly - the Archer loves a good wager. Driven by a Fire Sign, this Moon accentuates the compulsive need to succeed, fuelled by a burning passion + underpinned by the creativity it takes to get there. Tonight, the kicker is Antares - Heart of the Scorpion, seated directly opposite, Aldebaran - the Eye of the Bull. What a truly relentless combo. If you harnessed these Astrological powerhouses - well done! For those who really wanted to land on the metaphorical Moon, but didn't - it's not too late. May the months misgivings signify the first of many leaps of faith. Tonight, as a sign of expansion, the Sagittarius Full Moon beckons you into the wide, open spaces.


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