Full Moon - P I S C E S

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

August 26th, 2018

Full Moons are symbolic of release, completion + letting go. This Full Moon Energy is heightened by Pisces, who is also the Astrological sign of deliverance + emancipation.

Pisces is the last stage in the Astrological wheel, the gateway to ascension into Cosmic Light, or if need be, reincarnation back into Aries, the beginning, the foetus + the realm of Pure potential.

Neptune, it’s ruler is ethereal + illusive. Imagine a vast, undulating body of water, all at once immense, fluid + highly adaptable. This is the power of Pisces. The endless creative, the hand holders, the poet + muse, the hopeless romantic + the budding intuit.

In the Tarot Trump, Pisces in the Hanged Man, the symbol of willing sacrifice. Pisces is a culmination of all the Astrological signs that have gone before. Without a stinger or a shell, this water sign embodies vulnerability + feels pain. The cathartic processes in which Pisces deals with discomfort is nothing short of human alchemy, or transmutation. This is the Pisces magic + it’s miracle - to know that pain is not necessarily synonymous with death. Pisces implicitly knows + is innately equipped to find meaning through suffering, + in the midst of chaos + discomfort, pure light is born from darkness.

Tonight, Pisces, the symbol of unconditional love + Christ consciousness asks, : How do you flow? There are many ways to catch a flow, but Pisces wants you to ask yourself : Are you wading upstream? Are you careering toward the Ocean's mouth or are you floating, weightless + buoyant or, heaven forbid, are you sinking? Has the weight of your suppressed emotions become too much?

Water is a metaphor for our sentiments, our senses + all the feels.

Do they cascade or do they percolate?

And where have you been carrying your emotions lately, are they spilling over, simmering beneath the surface, are the waters spoilt, are they clear or are the serene? This Full Moon, imagine you are a body of water, set about to describe in great detail every aspect of your ‘fluid’ entity. If you are less than satisfied vvith this mental image, set about to imagine your 'ideal'.

This Pisces Full Moon takes place in the Season of Virgo, the essential Earth Goddess. VVhen Earth + VVater mix vve vvitness the fertility of nourished soil. Just about Anything can grovv. This creative alliance is symbolic of abundance + prosperity.

In conjunction with tonight’s Full Moon, we witness the Sacred Geometrical Grand Trine, a synchronistic + serendipitous portent for success. It is positioning you to take on the world + bringing with it a confident, stabilising + peaceful energy.


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