Full Moon C A P R I C O R N ❍

June 28, 2018

Didn't June kickoff so nicely, complete with the sweet whisperings of light hearted Gemini + our nostalgic tumble in the rough with dreamy Cancer. Yet, suddenly, as the month draws to a close we find ourselves asking - why soooo serious?

Currently we are in the first aspect of Cancer - a highly intuitive + emotionally tangible phase that spans the 22 June to the 1 July. As delightful as this lunar-tuned phase can be, this year it has coincided with a Full Moon in big boots, feelings-beware Capricorn. Simply put, Capricorn is the sign of the Moon's detriment, in which it has a tricky, even arduous time expressing itself. So far, nothing unusual, you say...but WAIT! This cosmic round sees Full Moon in Capricorn chaperoned by his ruler Saturn, aka Grandfather time, aka shit-just-got-real! I mean what's a dreamy Moon gal to do? Oh, did I just hear the words grow up!? To boot, Saturn is in an oh-so serious retrograde, which throws extra weight (pfffft, as if he needed it) to Capricorn's Pro-adulting. It would seem our baby Moon babes don't stand a chance.

Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad, but Saturn + the Moon are mostly incompatible. It's a masculine - feminine, my way - your way, love - hate kinda thing. Currently they are conjunct, which in this case is the cosmic equivalent of being locked in the same room with someone you just don't get! Think of a defensive row between Mother Moon + Father Saturn, backed up by his side-taking son Capricorn. Neither are willing to back down from their age-old stance + thus you get a better picture of what we're dealing with. It's getting pretty tense in there, yet no-one's walking away. Yet. Not exactly a harmonious match + one heck of a conundrum. For now.

Cancer + Capricorn are astrological opposites, therefore this phase (and my dears, it is but a phase) is punctuated by polarities + opposition. Are you being torn by your head or your heart, the old + the new, ego + emotion? Whatever binaries you can conjure, this Moon will be sure to exaggerate them.

Whether you're team Capricorn vying for Higher ground + hollering, 'head for the hills' or non-confrontational Cancer whispering 'batten down the hatches' as she buries her head in the sand - remember there is no right or wrong place to be right now. The crab side winds, one step forward, two steps back + the shimmy water-goat takes to the steep Mountain slopes as if he were a fish in water. Each know their position + trust their methods. And the medicine is, trust your method!

June's Full Moon in Capricorn calls for your best pair of big person pants (+ possibly some sensible shoes + a no-nonsense hat) as it is peppered with the power of 5 (+ soon to be 6) retrograde planets, back pedalling across the sky.

If there’s been frustration, self doubt + even anxiety, ask yourself - when’s the last time I actually paused? If you can’t seem to shake the sensation that begs, am I enough? I can tell you now, darling, you are more than enough!

Retrogrades often bring the sensation of walking on water or running in a dream, but frustration aside, there are important lessons to be had. It's as if Mama Cancer pleads, "wait...can't we just go back" + Papa Capricorn scolds, a definitive "no, we must keep going!". The power of the retrograde lies in its ability to provide us with second chances. Instead of feeling defeated, burdened or put upon, use this power to rewrite better chapters + renew your life vows. Hard working + stoic Capricorn is all about making things right, even if it is, a tad, by the book. If this sounds like you, you have all the power to make it right now with a capital R. Use this time wisely.

Find your sweet spot, somewhere in between the extremes + get mending all those loose ends that unravelled upon retrograde. If this seems too difficult (+ for some it very well might) take cover + use this time to incubate a dreamy dream instead.


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