Full Moon - A Q U A R I U S

It’s very easy in the social-networking stratosphere to get caught up in the brouhaha + the hullabaloo. Time-poor + information saturated often means the mind latches on to keywords + punchlines in order to make sense of a trending ’situation’. In turn, these punctuations become succinct frameworks for how we come to think about a certain matter. Without delving any deeper or reading between dem lines we form opinions + reach conclusions based on well, very little! Yes, in this instance I’m talking about our current Celestial climate. By now, you would’ve heard we have a total of 5 planets in retrograde + we are on the doorstep of the 21st Century’s longest Lunar Eclipse coinciding with a Full Blood Moon in Aquarius.

Your multi-media scroll-on may have highlighted such comments as, “OMFG” + “this Blood Moon has got me all like arghhhhh”! I hope for your sake, you’ve paid it no attention. We don’t have to get all Chicken Little on it, the sky is most definitely NOT falling. Don’t buy into the scaremonger. Stay away from Cassandra + this ain’t a scrimmage!

You are the master of your destiny. Believe it!

Tonight, in Leonine August we are drawing down the Full Moon in the sign of polar opposite Water-Bearer, Aquarius. These two signs, co-exist on both extremes of the Ego axis - but both possessing the uniting power of personality.

Leo is Mr. Selfie-self-worth + Aquarius, the Self-sacrificing. Leo embodies the Sun + with it comes brilliance. Their inner-outer radiance is infectious + their pronounced sense of Self, undeniable. Magnanimous Leo is the sign of the big-cheese complexion - part A-lister, part Mahatma. Big-hearted Leo’s have a magnetism that you just can’t help but want to be around.

However, what ties these two signs together + makes them eye each other up from across the room is their ability to imbibe Johnny-on-the-spot + not just play, but BE, the Good Neighbour.

Through honouring oneself, Leo’s generosity spills out. Ruled by the Sun, his warmth has a wide radius that eventually catches all who come within close range.

Aquarius, the sign of the Humanitarian, is always hoisted a few feet above the stage, observing the crowd below + through the act of observation knows just when the time is right to extend a helping hand.

Together, they possess a unique brand of Heart intelligence. One is born of Self-Appreciation + the other is of the ability to distance the mind from oneself + project how one would like to be treated, outward into the community.

A Full Moon in Aquarius highlights the power of Collective Consciousness, but know that with every down there is an up, as is there a left to every right!

What direction will you put your energy into this Full Moon. My message tonight is simple: Let’s not get hung up on what this Full Moon is going to ‘do-to-you’ but what you can DO for others.

Aquarius is the sign of the prodigy, the rare bird + the wunderkind. They are the big picture folk who dream large + take it to the Streets.

This Month’s Moon Magic is about embracing your inner eclectic. Deviate, if only for the moment…walk your inner talk + do something different. This Aquarian energy infused Lunar Eclipse signifies intense + transformative Energy. If there’s a part of you longing to peak out from the veil, now’s the time to put two feet forward. If you feel the need to reinvent yourself, this could be a matter of timing-Divine.

But, + I urge, in the midst of all this new found ‘self-awareness’, do not forget the importance of Community. Pay it forward. Be kind. This weekend, get on your knee to talk to a small child, stop to pat the cat as you head out the door… + for goodness sakes call your grandmother, your sister, your Mama! Tell at least 2 people today, with real earnest, that you love them. If you can’t do it today, make it tomorrow.

Peace Homies.


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