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Energising Your base + Sacral Chakra

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

The Base + Sacral Crystal Edit is inspired by energy, vigour + hardyhood. The guts + the guile. These are crystals that will balance + charge up your lower chakras - now who wants to get going?

The Root Chakra is our lowest, core energy centre. When it’s charged up + good to go, we are strong + independent + act from a place of solid foundation. We make decisions based on trust. Trust is steeped in our primal connection + is about tapping into our intuition. It’s a knowing + if it feels good, do it! If it doesn’t, take a hike, Mike (sorry Mike).

When our Base Chakra is backpedaling, we get grrrrrrr! We feel totes shabby about our ability to make ‘good’ decisions, we don’t want to be touched, we feel scarce, restless + we don’t trust nooooo-one, least of all ourselves!

Flowing on, is our Sacral Chakra. A balanced Sacral is vital to well-being + affords us adaptability + resilience, we get passionate about life + have the determination to get things done. When this energy centre gets tired, it gets ‘stuck’ + icky stuff comes up like shame + blame. Addiction, depression, low or an over-active sex drive + zero creativity.

These beautiful Crystals are about elevating oneself, when we centre in on these vital meridians, life will thank you for it! Carry them around, sit with them... tell them your concerns + meditate. And by meditate I mean, be aware! Observe your life like an outsider looking in. What would that person say if they had to report back on their findings!? Would it be a happy story or a tale of woe. Do you want to be remembered for your happy ending or your tragedy!?

There are two common approaches to this concept. One is through personal growth + development, + the other is stepping over people. It is the later we want to avoid, too much karmic baggage, too much what go around, come around kid. And besides, when your constantly looking over your shoulder, you’ve only got one eye on the prize.

But the former, oh the former can be immensely aided by the use of Crystals. Let’s align + redefine. We always talk about wanting to be our best possible self come Summer time, so hey, what better time then to start NOW.


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