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Why Earth?

Earthing is a holistic + scientifically supported therapeutic technique that can be used to treat disorders such as chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety + depression.

The object of grounding is to stabilise, replenish + rebalance our innate energetic field, also known as our EMF. The act of grounding is a simple, yet potent way to regulate our energetic field + dispose of stagnant energy. One of the most effective ways to do this is to connect directly with the Earth, either through the soles of our feet, or body-to-earth.

The lower chakras (base + sacral) deal with the elimination of ‘unwanted’ energy. When these centres are tired + sluggish they tend to ‘store’ rather than ‘expel’. This invariably leads to health concerns. The power of optimally functioning lower chakras is their ability to transform energetic burden into pure light + as they do this ‘light’ charges downward through the legs + out the soles of the feet to be received by the Earth.

Why Lodolite?

Lodolite is an exquisite earth encapsulated crystal that holds a powerful resonance to mother Gaia + her ability to transmute + transform energy. Her vital vibration assists earthing techniques by acknowledging intent + augmenting energy transmission.

How do we Earth?

Select a piece of cleansed + cleared Lodolite + venture outside. Find a comfortable spot either on a lawn or the sand + remove as much clothing as possible, including your shoes. Sit with your knees drawn up + your bare feet on the ground. Warm the Quartz in your hands, using your breath to focus your intention + place the Lodolite between your feet. Lastly, press the palms of your hands into the ground + take 3 deep, long breaths to initiate relaxation.

Lie backwards + continue to relax. Focus on the parts of your body in contact with the ground + imagine your ‘energy’ plunging downward to meet the Earth. It may feel cool like water or warm like the sun. In turn, visualise the Earth’s swelling up to greet yours + as the two channels collide imagine they become one, like an inlet where the ocean rushes up to meet the river.

Ideally, 10-20 minutes is an optimum time to spend Earthing. Afterwards, place your palms to the ground, thank the Earth + acknowledge your chosen Lodolite for assisting your practice.


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