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crystal  magic


Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Welcome crystal keeper. If you’re here, then chances are you LOVE crystals too - or at the very least, are interested to find out what the crystal scene is all about.

Crystals possess unique crystalline structures, often exhibiting perfect symmetry + the capacity to hold precise + stable vibrations. When we hold space with crystals we align with their frequencies. Our vibes harmonise with their vibes. Crystals are a prism through which we can focus our intentions + the more specific our intention the harder a crystal will work for us.

At VVM HQ we believe the language of frequency + vibration is inherent within us all. Crystals are dynamic beings, each with their own unique + energetic blueprint + ours are ethically + intuitively hand-selected in small batches for their high vibratory + exceptional energetic resonance.

People are drawn to crystals for different reasons. For some, it is enough just to appreciate their beauty + aesthetic charm, whilst others will endeavour to make a deeper connection. Crystals have unique vibrations that brighten the mundane, make heartfelt gifts + possess the extraordinary ability to positively transform the energetic quality of any environment. Like a good friend, we believe Crystals are able to heal, protect, uplift + empower those who align themselves with their vibratory frequencies.


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