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To illuminate is to be lit, to light up + shine.  For many, this can be as simple as stepping into your truth.   When we illuminate we direct sun into the four pillars, we hold the torch, dissolve the dark + we lightwork.   


Illuminating is about granting yourself the permission to be your true self, + by honouring the person we were born to be, comes confidence + compassion.  We acquire the virtue of respect for ourselves + others.  We validate, emancipate + thus we illuminate.


Energetic blocks can arise from limiting self-beliefs, so by illuminating the parts of ourselves we like the least, we empower.  When we stop blaming, we empower.  When we start acknowledging + understanding how we impact our environment, we empower.  


Self-illumination is also known as shadow work.  It’s about taking the parts of ourselves we like the least + holding them to the light.  Here, we are given the opportunity to examine our intricacies + make peace with the past. 


I accept what I cannot change + as I do, I heal. My light is mine to shine, as brightly as I please. 

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