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In the constellation Orion, an asterism exists, consisting of three luminous stars : Alnitak, Alnilam + Mintaka.  Known as Orion's Belt or the Three Sisters, this asterism is steeped in ancient mythology + it repeats, woven through the storytelling of many indigenous cultures.


This collection was inspired by Mintaken Starseeds - the original Lightworkers who, before it's sudden demise, existed on the pristine + watery Planet Mintaka.   

In hues of sea-green + diamond clear, the Mintakans disperse their energy - a salubrious, remedial + restorative resonance.  Mintakan energy is perfect for those who feel they've been going it alone.  Feelings of isolation + separation can be alleviated + in particular blockages in the Heart + Crown Chakras restored.   


If Mintakan energy is calling you, you are being summoned to dive in. Observe your relationship with water + be mindful of how your thoughts can alter + be altered by its vibration.

Call upon the ocean, rives, lakes + the rain to cleanse you.  

You are not alone. 

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