A M P H I B O L E 

A N G E L   W I N G   Q U A R T Z 

A rare stone, these are found in remote Brazil + consist of white, yellow + reddish + SOMETIMES BLUE inclusions that often resemble the feather like surface of a fabled Angel wing.  They are the stone of awakened Divinity.   Akin to the Buddhist concept of the mind unfurling like the thousand-petaled Lotus,  Amphibole Quartz puts us in direct contact with our Angel guideS.  


Adept at facilitating spiritual flourishes in both the Crown + the Third Eye,  Amphibole Quartz is a powerful ally in dream work, especially lucid navigation, + enhances the conscious dream state, enabling one to negotiate within the cosmic realm + fully realise the notion of  ‘One’. 


Wellington,  Aotearoa


Phone: 022 0821064 vvitchmountain@icloud.com

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